Hungry for Cupcakes?
Our bath cupcake treats are beautiful cupcake posers. Please be advised they are NOT edible and are intended for bath use only. DO NOT EAT! Does it explode like a real bomb? Do glitter and sprinkles shoot out all over your bathroom?? We are still working on a magical sprinkle glitter bath bomb that turns your tub into a glorious unicorn soup. The good news is that our bath bombs are made with a blend of magical soaking salts and oils that contain incredible rejuvenating properties. Our bath bombs are loaded with natural ingredients that benefit your skin. We've raised the standard of the regular bath bomb experience because each one of our handcrafted cupcakes is loaded with amazing natural salts and oils. Unlike most bath bomb experiences our bath treats don't fizzle out in the first 30 seconds because the whipped icing top is a natural sugar scrub you can use to exfoliate rough spots like elbows and feet.

How big are the Bath Cupcakes? 
Our cupcakes are made using original cupcake cups. We are working on adding in mini and jumbo soon!

Who makes your Bath Treats?
We do! Our goodies are handmade with the finest ingredients. From beginning to completion, every detail is important to us to create a perfectly finished, exciting, and moisturizing bath and body treat. Where are the products made? Each item is handmade from the base to the hand-piped top out of Tacoma, Washington, in the good ol' U. S. of A. Does that take longer? You bet! Does it make a difference? Without a doubt! Would we have it any other way? Not a chance! Every few months, we put on our creative hats to develop new seasonal limited edition items.  All of our designs are completely original.

Can I place a custom order? You bet! If you have a special event coming up and would like a custom design to coincide with color or theme, we are happy to do it! We require a minimum of 12 cupcakes and pricing depends on design. But if you order more than 50 we waive all custom fees. Email custom questions to and we'll be happy to make your custom cupcake dreams come true!

How long do the cupcakes last? Ahhh...the lifespan of a cupcake bath bomb. Our cupcake bath bombs contain ZERO preservatives but our special recipe doesn't ! All cupcakes come with paper liners that lock the scent in for a longer time than without a liner. To enjoy this sweet treat it is best when used before it is more than 3-4 months young. Please note that over time cupcakes that contain vanilla fragrance oil may discolor.

Do you ship internationally? Email international orders to and we can give you an exact shipping quote and time frame. Thanks! 

Is your packaging recyclable? Our favorite color is pink but our second favorite color is GREEN. We use recyclable packaging and packaging materials whenever possible.

What is your return policy? We stand behind our products. If you are not happy with any of your items, please let us know within 48 hours of receiving your order and you may return them at your expense. Shipping charges are non-refundable. Original invoice must accompany your return. Items must be repackaged with care, using bubble wrap and secured in box to avoid damage in transit. We will issue a refund or credit for any unused product.

What do we use in our product?
Each bath bomb contains a blend of baking soda, citric acid, almond or grape seed oils, and fragrance. Some items may contain coconut oil, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate (bubbling agent), mango butter , cocoa butter, corn starch, natural clays and salt, food grade colarants, skin safe fragrances and glitter. If you have allergies to any above items, please contact us direct to place a special order. Special orders may require a minimum purchase quantity. All products are not recommended for children under 13 of age, unless otherwise stated, and we are not responsible for how the product is used. Peppermint essential oils are diluted down with natural almond or grape seed oils due to the natural cooling the peppermint gives off. PLEASE keep that in mind when using any peppermint product that you may feel a cooling effect.

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