Midnight Rendezvous~ 
Soft violets and Asian jasmine blend with sweet musk, delicate pink rose and unique woodsy notes.

Bedtime Story~
Calm and soothing blend of lavender and baby powder that smells similar to Johnson's Bedtime Bath.

You Put the Lime in the Coconut~
... Fresh coconut, lime and verbena softened by beautiful notes of fresh vanilla.

Crazy Ex Girlfriend~
Cranberry ice, fresh raspberry, strawberry, jasmine, apples and heliotrope. Doesn't sound too crazy right ? Ok then- let us throw in some licorice, exotic woods and black musk. It is surprisingly smooth with sassy written all over it.

Dragons Blood~ 
This mysterious, alluring blend is difficult to describe with warming notes of amber, incense, Madagascar vanilla and patchouli.

Spa Day- Eucalyptus/mint~ 
The sharp, distinct herbal scent of eucalyptus is softened nicely by fresh spearmint with undertones of fresh lemon and sage.

Fruity Fresh~
lemon followed by lime, grapefruit and sugar. All this is set on notes of lemongrass, verbena and lily.

Mermaid Waters~ 
Feminine florals combine with sea salt, ocean mist, sea moss and geranium flower. This is laid on top of a bed of earthy vetiver and, water mint and white cedarwood.

Monkey Farts~
Silly name for a great scent ! Bananas, mango, bubblegum, grapefruit and strawberries blend together for a sensational fruit scent !

Wednesdays we wear Pink~
Sweet sugar blended with cotton candy, lemon drops and vanilla on a bed of gentle musk followed by a light floral drydown.

Pixie Dreams~ 
Bright and vibrant, this enchanting fragrance is super fresh and clean ! (almost spa-like !) Bright lime, yuzu, white fennel, kale, lemon, cucumbers and a kiss of black pepper screams pixie dust !

Pleasure Me~
This is lust and desire in a bottle ! This sensual fragrance starts out with top notes of warm woods, deep vetiver, zesty citrus and rose geranium. Alluring notes of white jasmine, lily of the valley, vanilla, amber guise a splash of patchouli and warm musk.

Spa Day/ Relax and Unwind~ 
A calming and relaxing blend of fresh lavender softened beautifully with a gentle white musk and a gentle kiss of soft powder notes as a background.

Sweet cherries with orange citrus cream, coconut, and then blasted with a ton of creamy vanilla custard and loads of sugar crystals !

Surfs Up~
Fresh and clean ! This fragrance has notes of salty sea breezes blended with ozonic
fresh air and some aquatic greenery.

Witches Brew~
Blackberries, fuzzy peaches, bubbly effervescent notes, apricot and mandarin blend seamlessly with cinnamon, rose and a kiss of musk.

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